Leadership Team

Jay Johnson (CEO) - Armed with both a B.A. and MBA Jay has actively been involved in trading for 18 years. Prior to founding The Liquid Report, he has filled various financial positions in the corporate world, such as Corporate Finance Business Analyst. Cutting his teeth on day trading in the early 2000's, Jay has become obsessed with the market and studying market trends ever since.

Our Story

The Liquid Report is a collaboration of 2 experienced investors who were tired of the every day "pump and dump" scams. While both of us were extremely successful in the day trading community it was quite obvious that there was a mass need for experienced and truthful guidance. We believe if we partner with solid companies whose future forecasts are bright then our investors win. Our investment community consists of thousands of investors at all experience levels acquired through different avenues like this website, and our goal is for everyone to make money.

Our Mission

To act as a trusted independent source for investors to use in order to gain control of their daily trading decisions.

Our Vision

To be a valued resource to our constantly growing investor base in becoming well-educated investors in the daily market.

Our Values

  • Customers - We value our customers and feel they deserve the very best from us
  • Market - We value and respect the power of the market, as it keeps us humble while also providing opportunities to gain wealth.
  • Honesty - We value our public reputation and always strive to do what's right.
  • Profits - We value profits and the gain of wealth for it benefits both our customers and our employees.